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Olivieri Euro Classic Horseshoes

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The Piero Olivieri Euro Classic shoes have design features that enhance durability, stability, and hoof protection for performance horses. These include high profile, wide web, rounded front toes, a slight front wedge, distinctive front toe clips, hind quarter clips, and optional hind fixed heel caulks. They are cast in user-friendly right and left patterns for both fronts and hinds.

SX=Left   DX=Right

They come in sets of four or pairs, and are punched for E-head nails: Delta E5, E5SL and E6 usually work the best.

Available sizes range from 00 to 4 (Euro 3 to 8). A farrier can easily cold shape the shoes a half size in either direction. They can be drilled and tapped. See a detailed table of dimensions at the bottom of this page for proper sizing.

Use Mustad JC1 or JC2 nails.

Price per pair.

Front Item #: TA3A, TA4A, TA5A, TA6A, TA7A

Hind Item #: TA3P, TA4P, TA5P, TA6P, TA7P, TA8P