Granulex® V Aerosol Wound Treatment, 4 oz

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Granulex® is an aerosol treatment for wounds which assists in healing through debridement and stimulations of epithelial tissue. Treats external wounds of dogs, cats, horses and cattle. Granulex is an aid in the treatment of external wounds such as wire cuts, rope burns, abrasions, and lacerations in dogs, cats, horses, and cattle; and assists healing by facilitating the removal of necrotic tissue, exudate, and organic debris.

Item #: 790100

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Each gram delivered to the wound site contains: Trypsin, crystalline, N.F. 0.12 mg. Balsam Peru, N.F., 87 mg. Castor Oil, USP 788 mg. With a water-dispersible emulsifier and propellants. Inert propellant 25% of total content.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Hold can upright approximately 12 inches from the area to be treated. Press valve and coat rapidly. Wound may be left unbandaged or apply a wet dressing. Apply twice daily or as often as necessary. To remove, wash gently with warm water. When applied to sensitive areas, a temporary stinging sensation may be noted.