Ringel Loop Knives

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Ringel loop hoof knives are hand made by Frank Ringel. The carbon steel blades are each fitted with comfortable hardwood handles individually crafted from a variety of woods.

  • The #1 loop knife is designed to do the same trimming work on the hoof as straight bladed hoof knives.
  • The #2 knife is Ringel's medium knife. The 1" blade is large enough to cut through sole and frog, yet small enough to get into tighter spots.
  • The # 3 is the smallest Ringel loop knife and is designed for delicate and surgical work on the hoof. It will work well getting into tight spots in hoof wall separations, cracks and can be used to dig a small hole to drain a hoof abscess.
  • The #4 is the largest size Ringel loop knife. It is designed to do the same trimming work as a straight bladed hoof knife.

All the loop knives are double-edged and can, therefore, be used left or right handed and in any direction. 

Each knife comes in its own protective sheath.

Available in 4 loop sizers.

Made in Montana.

Item #: RLK1, RLK2, RLK3 or RLK4

The larger sizes work well paring the sole and frog, while the smaller sizes and shapes are specialty blades designed for delicate and surgical work. The unique handle design offers a thumb cut out which allows more leverage during use. All Ringel knives are sharpened prior to shipping.