Pieh Tool Rivet Header with Tong Grip

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Pieh Legacy Collection!

Rivet Headers allow you to finish the back side on button head rivets. This leaves an attractive professional appearance rather than a hammered one. We offer a size for each rivet size we sell. The rivet headers shown on the right show both our styles, with and without the tong ring slot.

This rivet header has a groove for holding with a rivet tong. It allows you to use the tool by hand easily.  This set also accompanies our power hammer tool set as well.

 PT-RH0188TG  3/16"  3/32"
 PT-RH0250TG  1/4"  1/8" - 5/32"
 PT-RH0375TG  3/8"  3/16" - 7/32"
 PT-RH0438TG  7/16"  1/4"
 PT-RH0500TG  1/2"  9/32"
 PT-RH0563TG  9/16"  5/16"
 PT-RH0625TG  5/8"  11/32"
 PT-RH0688TG  11/16"  3/8" - 13/32"
 PT-RH0875TG  7/8"  1/2"
 PT-RH1063TG  1 1/16"  5/8"
 PT-RH1375TG  1 3/8"  3/4"

3/4 inch Rivet Tong Consider purchasing our 3/4" rivet tong with your order. Item PT4012