Carbide 1/4" Shank Burr Set, 16 pc

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You may order single cut or double cut burrs.

Contains 1 each:

Cylindrical: SA-1 (1/4x5/8), SA-3 (3/8x3/4), SA-5 (1/2x1)
Cylindrical Radius End: SC-1 (1/4x5/8), SC-3 (3/8x3/4), SC-5 (1/2x1)
Ball: SD-3 (3/8), SD-5 (1/2)
Oval: SE-3 (3/8x5/8)
Tree Radius: SF-1 (1/4x5/8), SF-3 (3/8x3/4), SF-5 (1/2x1)
Tree Pointed: SG-1 (1/4x5/8), SG-3(3/8x3/4)
Taper Radius: SL-3 (3/8x1-1/16), SL-4 (1/2x1-1/8)

Consider ordering our Carbide Burr Dispenser to keep your burrs organized.

Single Cut Item #: B71290

Double Cut Item #: B71290D