Long Handled Twitch with Chain

Western Instrument
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SPECIFICATION: The handle on this twitch is constructed with a quality hardwood.

27" in length, with flat sides measuring 1 ½" x ½" . A nickel plated steel twist chain is attached at one end of twitch. The average chain length is 14" overall creating a 7" loop.

The chain is attached to the handle with a heavy duty steel rivet placed through a seamless head cap. The head cap is a high quality nickel plated finish and rolled over at the chain attachment end for safety operation.

OBJECTIVE: To aid in the humane control of a horse by applying constant pressure to the upper lip, therefore restricting an animal’s movement.

APPLICATION: To subdue a horse, place one hand through the chain and spread your fingers and thumb to form a loop in the chain, while grasping the handle with your other hand. Grasp the forward part of the horse’s upper lip with your open fingers and thumb and slide the chain over your fingers and thumb to place around the upper lip. Twist the handle until the chain is tight around the upper lip and release your grip of the upper lip with your fingers and thumb. Continue applying pressure on the upper lip until the animal is ready to be released, reverse the twist on the chain and pull the twitch away from the animal with caution so as not to frighten the animal. Extreme caution should be exercised when operating a twitch. Injury may occur to the horse or operator if struck by the twitch.

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