Knifemaking & Armor

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KNIVES 2020, 40th Edition: The World’s Greatest Knife Book

50 Dollar Knife Shop

Knifemaking With Bob Loveless: Build Knives With a Living Legend D Hollis


Ancient Northern European Axes

Axe Book, The

Basic Knifemaking

Complete Bladesmith, The (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

Custom Knifemaking

Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel Theory & Practice

Fancy Knives: Materials and Decorative Techniques

Heritage of English Knives, The

How to Make a Chain Mail

How to Make Knives


Knights In Shining Armor

Making HiddenTang Knives

Master Bladesmith, The (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

Pattern Welded Blade, The (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

Razor Edge Book of Sharpening

Sharpening and Knifemaking