Rules, Marking Tools

Our selection of rulers, squares and triangles ensure that you get the perfect ruler for your applications.

Silver Marking Pencil, 3 Pack


Soap Stone #1

Pieh Tool Steel Square, 6 inch

Pieh Tool Round Protractor

Pieh Traveler Rule, 6 inch

Pieh Tool Hook Rule

Lufkin Steel Folding Rule

FPD Brass Folding Rule, 24

W-Brand Horseshoer/Blacksmith Ruler

Hoof Evener

JH Premium Wing Divider

Mustad Spring Divider

Johnson Level & Tool Aluminum Box Beam Level, 72 in.

Johnson Level and Tool Standard Line Chalk Box

Pieh Tool Power Tape Measure, 25 ft

Johnson Magnetic Power Tape Measure, 30 ft

Johnson Big J Geared Open Reel Fiberglass

Johnson Big J Geared Nyclad Steel Tape 200'