Edwards Ironworkers

We are your source for Quality Iron Workers, made in the USA, at affordable prices. Special Order Item.


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Edwards 25 Ton Jaws Jr. Ironworker

  • Specialized for Smaller Jobs!
  • 2 Available Stations
  • Universal Open Tooling Station
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Edwards 40 Ton Jaws IV Ironworker


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Edwards 50 Ton Jaws IV Ironworker


  • Compact!
  • Perfect for Small Shops!
  • 4 Available Stations
  • Punching Station
  • Designed to Accept Optional Tooling
    Open Station
  • Dedicated for Optional Coper/Notcher
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Edwards 55 Ton Jaws IV Ironworker

4 Available Stations

Universal Open Tooling Options

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Edwards 10 Ton Pipe/Tube Bender

The first in the new series of Plug 'n Play Hydraulic Accessories, the Edwards Bender was designed for the versatile range of Edwards Ironworkers.

This Bender accessory can be added to your 40 Ton A, 50 Ton A, 55 Ton A, or 60 Ton A Ironworker purchase. The Bender can also be purchased with the Edwards PortaPower, portable hydraulic unit.

Like all of the Edwards products, this Pipe/Tube Bender is designed and manufactured in the United States of America.

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Edwards Standard Round Punch and Dies

We offer a range of Standard Punch & Die Sets

*The Punch Die Starter Box contains 8 Sets: standard round punch and dies (1/32” clearance) in increments from 3/16” to 1-1/6”, available in your choice.