Files - Metal

Filing is a material removal process in manufacturing. Similar to both sawing and grinding, but used mostly for finishing operations, such as in deburring operations. Filing operations can be used on a wide range of materials as a finishing technique. Filing helps achieve workpiece function by removing some excess material and deburring the surface. Sandpaper may be used as a filing tool for other materials or when working in a difficult to reach area.

We offer files for metal by Nicholson and Simonds.

Nicholson Round Chainsaw File

American pattern round chainsaw file.
Round shape, smooth cut.
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Save Edge Round Chainsaw File, 8 inch (3/16) (5/32)

American pattern round chainsaw file.
Round shape, parallel single cut.

8 x 3/16", 8 x 5/32"

Veneer File, 2 Round Edges

Available in 6" or 8" lengths.
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Nicholson Flat Chainsaw File, 8 inch

American pattern flat chainsaw file. Rectangular shape.
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Nicholson Flat Bastard Cut, 14 inch

American pattern flat file, bastard cut file. Rectangular in cross section and taper slightly towards point in width. Double cut on sides, single cut on edges.

Nicholson Flat Magicut File

This is an excellent file for knifemaking because it leaves such a fine finish quickly! American pattern flat Magicut file.

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Nicholson Mill Bastard Cut, 6 inch

American pattern mill file, bastard cut. Rectangular shape. Single cut on sides and edges. 2 square edges. Tapers slightly in width.

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Nicholson Extra Slim Taper File, 8 inch

American pattern taper file, extra slim. Triangular shape. Single cut. Edges set and cut for filing gullets between saw teeth. Tapers slightly towards the point.

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Nicholson Half Round Pipeliner File, 14 inch

Features an American half round pattern, bastard cut which is perfect for use on concave, convex and flat surfaces.
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Nicholson Warding Bastard Cut File, 4 inch

American pattern warding file, bastard cut. Thin rectangular shape. Double cut on sides, single cut on edges.