The propane Pro-Forge, known worldwide to horseshoers, is rugged in construction and will withstand wear and tear.  It operates with a clean fast heat that is easy to weld without sacrificing fuel efficiency. 

Made in USA!

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Pro-Forge Propane Gas Forge, 2 Burner with side Port

This forge has a bar stock port on the left end, cast iron doors that do not warp, and a hassle free ignition system with twin insta-change jets that realign instantly after cleaning.  It also has hearth plates you can change right through the front door.  Includes a barstock support. A welding plate is available making the forge more versatile.

Propane gas with twin interchange jets 

  • Time for first heat of the day:  4 minutes
  • Normal Heats (depending on shoe size):  2-1/2 to 3-1/2 minutes
  • Working Pressure:  Average 7-10 psi
  • Welding Pressure:  10-12 psi
  • Door Dimensions:  12 inches long; 3-1/2 inches at opening
  • Firebox Depth: 8 inches
  • Exterior: Length 16 inches; Height 17-1/2 inches; Width 15 inches
  • Temperature:  2450 degrees Fahrenheit at 7 lbs.; higher temps at higher pressures.
  • Forge Weight: 55 lbs
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Pro-Forge Welding plate, 6 in. x 6 in.

Pro-Forge Welding plate only. Can be used in any forge, however.
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Pro-Forge Reliner Kit

Kit includes firebox, soft door, cushion, gasket and hearth plate.
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Pro-Forge Ignitor Assembly

The forge ignitor Includes wire and ceramic.
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Fisher High Pressure Regulator, 3 - 35 psi

This is a basic regulator with a hand-wheel adjustment. Its capacity is 750,000 BTU/HR  for propane based on inlet pressure 20 Psig (1.4 bar) greater than outlet with 20% drop; Liquid capacity = 3.5 GPH. The Outlet Pressure Setting in Psig (bar) is 20 (1,4).  The Outlet Adjustment Range in Psig (bar) is 3 - 35 (0.21 - 2.4). The outlet pressure is permanently calibrated on the spring case allowing visual adjustment of the outlet pressure without having to use a pressure gauge. The unit is ideal for service where gauge breakage is a problem.

Pro-Forge Gas Tube

*Special Order

Pro-Forge Gas Tube is complete with pipe fittings.