Horseshoeing Kits

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An attractive set makes a perfect gift.  Designed especially for trimming hooves and shoeing horses.  Can be used for cattle, too.

Contains one each of the following 9 hoof trimming tools:  10 ounce Driving Hammer, 14 inch Hoof  Nipper, Hoof Knife, Rasp, Rasp Handle, Clinch Cutter, Hoof Pick, Clincher and Pritchel.

Item #: 5050

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Designed to hold a Rasp with handle, Nipper, Clincher, Pull Off, Nail Cutter, Hammer, Clinch Cutter, Hoof Knife and Nails.

The 2 ties are double the length needed to go around the roll. This allows for more tools to be rolled in.

Made from Black Heavy Cordura.

Designed for Horse Packing and normal travel.

*Tool roll does not include tools.

Ties: 32"
Roll open: 42" x 30"
Roll closed: 22" x approx. 7"

Item #: PTFTR