Wrenches, Vise Grips, Pliers, Snips

We offer many styles and configurations to meet a broad range of trades. These wrenches, pliers, clamps and snips can handle a variety of metalworking jobs. A combination wrench applies plenty of torque to tackle any tightening challenge and an adjustable wrench can conform to multi-sized nuts and bolts. Snips will cut through sheet metal quickly and easily. C clamps are so handy for securing wood or steel projects.


Iron Mountain Twist Wrench

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Wilton Ductile Pipe Wrench


Crescent 11 inch Locking C-Clamp Plier

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Crescent 10 inch Locking Pliers and Wire Cutter, Curved Jaw

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Crescent 10 inch Locking Pliers, Straight Jaw

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Wiss 9 inch Metal Wizz® Snips

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