Standard features on all Forgemaster furnaces include an extra long 9 foot fuel hose; fully assembled UL listed regulator and gauge; convenient spark igniter assembly; cast iron burners permanently welded to top housing, full 1- 1/4 inch thick molded hearth brick bolted in place. All units are fitted for propane, buy may be configured for natural gas.

*Please see Blacksmith/Knifemaker/Forgemaster folder for more Forgemaster forge accessories available to you.

Forgemaster warrants any of its manufactured product for the expected life of the product against deficiency in material or workmanship.  This limited warranty does not extend to products manufactured by Forgemaster, that in Forgemaster's judgment were improperly used, altered, abused or repaired by others.

Prices listed below are available for on-line orders only.  Items for pick up in our store will include added shipping charges.

Forgemaster Farrier Propane Gas Forge, Double Burner

Forgemaster LP Gas Hose

Forgemaster Companion Forge Reliner Kit

Farrier Forgemaster Reliner Kit

Forgemaster Excalibur Relining Kit

Forgemaster E-1 Reliner Kit

Forgemaster Igniter

Forgemaster Spark Plug

Forgemaster Orifice

Forgemaster Regulator Kit with Gauge

Forgemaster Blacksmith Fuel Hose

Forgemaster Window Guard

Forgemaster Blacksmith/Farrier Top Liner

Forgemaster Blacksmith/Farrier - Wall Kit

Forgemaster Hearth Brick with Clip

Forgemaster Swingmaster Gas Forge Swing Arm

Forgemaster Universal Gas Forge Stand

Forgemaster Companion Propane Gas Forge, Single Burner

Forgemaster Excalibur Propane Gas Forge, Single Burner with Door Port

Forgemaster E-1 Propane Gas Forge, Single Burner with Door Port