Therapeutic Pads

HorseTrax (Impact Gel)

Horse Trax tested on average, 67% better than any other impression material, hoof packing or pad currently on the market. It has over 5,000 PSI impact reducing efforts to the bottom of the foot.

Horsetrax Small (Impact Gel) 00-0, 3/8" (5-3/8 X5")

Horsetrax Med (Impact Gel) 0-1, 7/16" (6 3 X 6-1/4)


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Castle Magnetic Pad

Magnetic Pads are an effective and drug free treatment for the diseases of the hoof.

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3P Podiatry Pads (Purple)

The Purple Podiatry Pads have been designed by farrier & educator Mark Plumlee of Mission Farrier School for the treatment of acute laminitis.

For extremely severe cases (Grade IV or V), the 3P pads would be used after a few days of Styrofoam and before shoeing. For other acute cases, we recommend using the 3P pads in conjunction with Impression Material.

The benefit of the 3P pads is that they are easy to apply and once on, the horse can go several weeks without the pads having to be maintained. Once you get the impression material applied and trimmed behind the sensitive border of P3, you can cut one pad to fit in the caudal part of the foot over the impression material and then place a full pad over the entire foot.

Styrofoam Support Pads

The Styrofoam Pads are the most important tool we have found to treat horses in the acute stage of laminitis. They are pre-cut, hoof shaped pads or blocks of a very dense 2" piece of Styrofoam. (*It is important to note that regular white beaded Styrofoam is a poor substitute for this treatment use. This specific density and thickness is very important for optimal treatment success.)

When applied, the Styrofoam will compress into the caudal portion of the foot and offers the horse comfort and support through this critical stage of laminitis. Use of the Styrofoam will allow the horse to stabilize so that a more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment approach can be established.

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Castle Frog Support Kit

Contains 1/2" Full,1/2" Tapered, 3/8" Tapered, 1/4" Tapered


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Lily Pads

This unique product was designed and developed by Dr. Ric Redden as an emergency support aid for various foot ailments. Taping this product to the frog of most feet offers the painful foot a resilient cushion support as well as protection, slight heel elevation and the benefit of slightly reduced breakover.

Thera Flex Pads

Treats the following conditions:

  • Laminitis
  • Contracted heels
  • Founder
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EDSS Frog Pad

This durable plastic EDSS Pad is used in conjunction with the EDSS Shoe. It has a stainless steel insert embedded in the toe region for a firm (seated out) attachment to the shoe. The molded EDSS frog inserts attach to the ‘keyed’ base on the EDSS Pad. 

The height of the frog inserts can be adjusted to increase or decrease support through the Impression Material to the frog, bars and sole of the foot. This will help enhance blood circulation and heel expansion.

Castle #8 Impak Absorber Pad

Impak absorber by Castle provide extra cushioning on hoof wall and frog.

NB Perforated Pad

The NB Perforated Pad is a lightweight pad with holes molded into the center of the pad to help hold various sole support materials in the foot. The Perf Pad can be used like a screen pad for injectable urethanes or silicone materials, or as a simple rim pad that does not leave the frog completely unsupported. As a treatment tool, the wedged Perf Pad can be used right-side-up to change the hoof angle like a wedged rim pad, or up-side-down as a cradle pad to support a prolapsed frog in a horse with a negative plane coffin bone angle.

Castle Pour Pads

The pour pad works well with urethane hoof packings such as Vettec EquiPak.

6 3/8" x 5 3/4"

Grand Circuit Protector Plates

The Protector Plate gives solid ground cover for the horse who needs extra help in the toe or heel areas. Excellent for relief from the "Soft Sole Syndrome" or "Pedal Osteitis". The holes give products like Supreme Support the grip to stay in place. The protector can also be reversed on heel or frog sore horses. Sold in Pairs.


Grand Circuit Spider Plates (Stabilizer)

Stabilizers are useful in treating weak heels, sheared heels, corns and generally to provide support to the back of the hoof capsule.  Can be used to apply frog support to help establish normal physiology.  Sold in pairs. 


Castle Cushion Heel Pad

#3 Small:     5 1/2" x 5 3/4" x 7/16"   Item #: CCHS

#4 Regular:  5 3/4" x 6 3/8" x 7/16"  Item #: CCH


Castle Hospital Pad

The Hospital Pad will speed the recovery of a hoof injury. You will now be able to care for the injury while protecting it, allowing the animal to be turned out and even ridden during the recovery period.

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Shocktamer Hospital Pad (Convertible)

Designed like the sole of a jogging shoe, ShockTamer dual-density hoof pads are an effective aid in treating sore feet or relieving lameness and can serve as a prevenative measure against future hoof and leg problems. The softer gray polyurethane is the shock absorber while the harder black frame provides support and is the shock dissipater. Gives improved performance and less fatigue on performance horses.

Castle Performance Pad, #4 Small

Designed for the ultimate in sole protection. These pads have also been used effectively for foal extensions, flat soles, pedel osteitis and hospital plates. More information is available from Castle Plastics about all these pads and their uses.

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Castle Performance Pad, 5 inch

Designed for the ultimate in sole protection.

HDP Plastic Pad

HDP Plastic Pad (White) 6 x 6"
Available in four sizes: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8"

HDP Plastic Pad (White) 8 x 8"

Available in size 1/8"