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Huge Horseshoe Selection!

We maintain the largest inventory of aluminum and steel horseshoes in the West!

Hoof Stands

We offer a wide range of aluminum and plastic hoof stands, now available in colors!

Cyril Colnik, Man of Iron

Colnik’s artistry and technical mastery transformed metal into works of beauty and permanence for clients including Pabst, Charles Allis of Allis-Chalmers  and many others.

NEW Hydraulic Forging Press!

Each press includes one set of flat dies and one set of blank die plates. Our Quick change die holders allow for fast and easy die changing during forging.

Pieh Billy Tongs

We offer our own line of tongs in the Pieh Legacy Collection trademarked "the Billy" tongs.

Swing a Hammer Like a Girl!

Do you want to improve your blacksmithing technique?